Welcome to Wausau Whitewater!

Our volunteers make all of our events happen. We have fun opportunities for adults, youths and families. Take a look at our job descriptions to see where you’d like to fit in.Rescue

Here are some special areas we want to highlight:

  • Safety team: this is the boogie board crew! Often filled by EMTs, life guards, experienced paddlers, but not required. We seek people with common sense, judgment, and attention to detail. Training required.

We are holding a Safety Clinic the weekend of June 13 and 14, at Whitewater Park. See the full safety training description and registration by clicking here.

  • Slalom Judge: training will occur on June 27, at Whitewater Park. The rules have changed, so this training is required for both new and current judges. Trained, qualified judges will work the slalom events on July 11 and 12. Click here to participate in training.

We look forward to working with you as a volunteer during this upcoming season!


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